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Leadership Tuscarawas teammates brought their community-wide “Life Gets You Higher” campaign to life at the 2018 Tuscarawas County Fair.

Production Planner Kayla Hutchison and her teammates represented the Tuscarawas Anti-Drug Coalition (ADC) during their time in the program and created the campaign that helps tackle the prevalent issue of substance abuse in the county. They worked together to create a booth that would attract and educate their middle to high school student audience amidst all the other activities available to them at the fair.

Tusco Display, a proud sponsor of the campaign, produced the lasercut and powdercoated keychains that were given out as prizes and the signs hung as markers for every “Life Gets You Higher” themed 4-H booth.

“Seeing the impact and listening to the kids tell us what their 'Natural High" is or what they choose to do in life to get that natural high was so rewarding. I really do feel that we reached a lot of families, and we got so much great feedback,” said Diana Smith of Personal and Family Counseling Services.

The Plinko board was also Tusco-made and championed by Hutchison. “It was pretty amazing to see something we made get used at the booth; I enjoyed it a lot,” she said.

To win prizes, participants were asked to fill out a short survey on substance use. The group also hosted a dunk tank Thursday through Saturday with local community leaders. Filling out a survey meant an opportunity to dunk area representatives, like Sheriff Orvis Campbell. “They really drew a lot of attention, but even when lesser known individuals participated, it was still pretty busy,” Hutchison said.

Companies strive to make positive contributions in their communities by using their specific skillsets to make a difference. “At Tusco, we appreciate any opportunity to use our skills in design, engineering and production to contribute positively in our community,” said CEO Mike Lauber. Being involved at the Tuscarawas County Fair is a great way to make that a reality.