Reliable, Authentic, Ingenious, and Nimble all begin with the multifaceted capabilities of Tusco Display and the it’s associates. Along with Custom Displays, Tusco specializes in partnering with you to meet your metal fabrication needs. Metal cutting, bending, forming, welding, coating, assembly and packaging are just the beginning. Warehouse services, JIT delivery, full and LTL shipping are also part of normal day to day operations.

Metal Cutting

At Tusco we design, engineer and fabricate a myriad of precision stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and sheet metal products needed for store fixtures. From simple components to complex assemblies, Tusco can cut, form, bend, MIG and TIG weld, powdercoat and assemble virtually any metal component you’ll need for your fixture. Custom design, metal cutting, and fabrication of tooling and/or tooling fixtures is something we do almost daily.

Metal Forming

If you need JIT delivery, you need a store fixture manufacturer who can form round, square, or rectangular tubes and extrusions, and bend them, too. Being nimble is perfectly illustrated in being adept in both mechanical and hydraulic forming and bending for fixtures.


For fixtures, we consider welding to be both a science and an art. For automated component production, Tusco employs the science of sophisticated robotic welders. But many fixtures require the addition of a professional human touch, and other manufacturers envy the welding experience we have in-house. Aluminum or steel, TIG or MIG process, proficient manual welding is a specialty – and an art – at Tusco.

Powder Coating and Finishing

Your finished display should look as good as your product(s). We offer durable, environmentally compliant finishes in both high solids liquid enamels and powder coatings. Each is electro-statically applied and baked in a gas-fired curing oven. Custom colors can be readily produced with a five-gallon or 50 pound minimum. Chrome and zinc plating are available as well.

Display Assembly and Packaging

Few things are more frustrating than a fixture that arrives damaged. Assembly and packaging is an unheralded yet key part of the process, and Tusco is proud of our track record of less than .005% returns. And it’s why we put a postage-paid card in every fixture package for the installer to alert us to problems and suggest solutions. Assembly and packaging is a Tusco specialty, from fully assembled product-ready fixtures to strategically arranging components so they can be uncrated in exactly the order needed for installation.

Warehouse and Distribution

Complete fulfillment services include processing, warehousing and maintaining your store fixture inventory while routinely providing inventory reports as well as drop-shipping services all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Design, Engineering, and Prototyping

With retail environments, one size does NOT fit all. What works in Target doesn’t work in Kroger; what Lowes wants, Home Depot doesn’t. What sells product in a Dick’s Sporting Goods won’t work in an Office Depot. Tusco knows – we have permanent displays in virtually every type of store in North America.