micro markets
micro markets

Micro Markets

For decades most large workplaces have provided some type of food service. Traditionally this has been a vending machine or area alongside of in some cases a kitchenette or just a microwave oven. As times have changed and attitudes toward shopping and eating have also evolved the workplace vending area has needed to meet that demand. Micro markets are an extension of the vending area that as it has grown up has moved beyond a few vending machines and a table and chairs.

Micro markets have become an small convenience store or scaled down version of a full service cafeteria. Providing well lit and easily stocked fixtures these niche markets allow fast and simple ways to allow a food service vendor of in house provider the ability to offer "grab and go" meals as well as healthy foods that would not hold well and readily perish without proper refrigeration. The fixtures are very modular and provide the vendor with a great deal of flexibility to fill the spaces that are generally small although full scale micro markets that can service a larger area creating a more market like atmosphere can also be configured.

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This opportunity to provide a well merchandised and attractive alternative to left over restaurant furniture and a microwave cart can help food service vendors own the space with an attractive and properly marketed shopper experience.

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