Hardware and Hand Tool Displays

Hardware and and tools sales are slowly increasing as both the commercial and industrial building trades have picked up in the post recession. The industry modest gains in sales as a result of home improvement projects, especially among the do-it-yourself group, which will need a variety of tools to complete their tasks. The factors which has produced interest in these purchases seems to be driven by the large number of DIY shows that have proven popular with the "weekend warrior" home owners. Hardware and hand tool displays have become increasingly useful for attracting buyers not only looking for products but information as well.

Recent Industry surveys of DIY and hardware stores have shown that there has been an upswing in the number of women who are shopping for hardware and hand tools. Many retailers are retooling the look of hardware and hand tool displays as well as the layout of their operations. It has also been shown that female shoppers will spend more on home improvement because they will look to purchase entire systems not just individual parts. It has also been shown that women make the buying decisions as they also tend to control the spending in most house holds.

Hardware and tool displays continue to evolve into more than just color graphics and fancy hooks, as our loves become more connective the market continues to produce more sophisticated tools. These products are being bought by better educated consumers looking to find the exact products they have researched online. What better way to close the sales cycle than show casing hardware and hand tools than with a point of purchase display?