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According to global information company The NPD Group, the US retail sales of fashion footwear in 2013, which includes all footwear except athletic footwear, generated revenue of $41.52 billion, a 4 percent increase over the flat growth experienced in 2012. Among the fashion footwear categories tracked by The NPD Group, outdoor and casual experienced the largest dollar sales growth, at 10 percent, and 7 percent, respectively. One would believe that footwear displays and good point of purchase marketing has played a strong role in these numbers.

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When examining shopper behavior, website purchases, only represented 19 percent of fashion footwear sales in 2013, saw some of the highest growth for the year, increasing 16 percent over 2012. It has been discovered that the average price of an online purchase of fashion footwear is higher than an in-store purchase making footwear displays for retail the best method for presentation and delivery of footwear to the consumer.

The U.S. market for athletic footwear during fiscal 2013 was approximately $13.8 billion; this reflects growth of 5 percent over the prior year. The athletic footwear segment is highly dependent on fashion trends, customer preferences and other fashion-related factors. Many of the industry’s highest-margin products are sold to males between the ages of 12 and 25 and are subject to frequent shifts in fashion trends. The market for running shoes is shifting towards higher-quality specialty goods. Manufacturers have indicated that consumers are looking for lighter, performance-geared running shoes.

Because shoes are a personal purchase most people looking to purchase footwear are interested in the fit, feel, and function. Footwear displays provide all of the opportunity and fill the demand for an item that is generally an instant gratification purchase.