ACP Ceiling Custom Displays
ACP Ceiling Custom Displays

Custom VS Stock

Custom or Stock Displays?

When you walk into a retail environment, you are bombarded with marketing messages. How does your product get noticed?

Consumers want convenience, and when you incorporate custom displays into your in-store approach, it’s easier for shoppers to identify your brand and find the products they’re looking for. Providing a pleasant customer experience also increases your brand's profile and helps to establish and cement your brand in the minds of consumers.

It’s important to understand the differences between stock and custom displays before you decide how to best display your product.

Custom Displays

First and foremost, custom displays allow you to showcase your product in a unique way, specific to the brand. Not only can you have the displays customized to highlight a product's distinct features, but you can also use them to effectively target a specific demographic of buyers.

Custom displays can be tailored to meet the exact specifications you need. You can use size, shape, color, and even texture; all these elements can be shaped to convey the exact message you want to share with your customers. At Tusco Display, we understand the value of maintaining your brand’s integrity and consistency throughout your customer’s purchase cycle.

Stock Displays

Sure, we’re a custom display company, but we won’t convince you that custom’s the way to go when a stock display makes the most sense. So, what’s the case for stock displays?

The two biggest factors in play are price and availability. By their very nature, custom displays run more expensive than stock displays, which are ideal for situations where a high volume of signage or price sensitivity is an issue. Stock displays offer the advantage of being immediately available because they are, literally, a stock offering. Custom displays, meanwhile, can require a multi-week lead time before delivery. If you need something fast and cheap, we’ll point you towards other options.

Which Type Is Right for Your Business?

By assessing your needs and goals, it becomes much easier to choose which type of display will work best for your brand. Most companies find that a mix of stock and custom displays work best to accomplish their goals. Contact Tusco Display today to learn more about purchasing affordable stock and custom displays.