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When homeowners and contractors undertake in home repairs, they expect those repairs to both look good and last over time. Delivering products that meet design and performance expectations is key.

This presents an interesting challenge for your retail displays. Catching consumers' eye with building materials, concisely demonstrating their quality, and effectively showcasing their full range of options are all critical for commercial success with building materials.

We're here to work with you to design and manufacture your retail displays, optimized for the best possible consumer experience with your products. Here at Tusco, our nimble approach helps keep us agile and able to accommodate any product and industry, while our commitment to reliability can help you rest assured that our displays will withstand consumer interactions over time—and we've got decades of experience spanning a wide range of industries.

Many product niches exist within building materials, and there are unique considerations—like strength and weight requirements—to each. These can provide you with great starting points as you consider what you are expecting for your retail displays.

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University the largest sector of improvemnts to real estate still remains in the DIY home owner. Effective building material displays are key to capturing a market that makes up an audience of home owner driven improvements.

These purchases account for almost two-thirds of home improvement spending even with the down turn in the economy. More than a quarter of this spending was discretionary consisting of projects like kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, and structural alterations.

• Roofing displays — Providing a side-by-side comparison of the different possible materials as well as the optimal use cases for each can be done very effectively with a highly visual display. Best of all, the display can be customized to fit available showroom space.

Door displays — We build reinforced displays to accommodate constant manipulation and that allow customers to interact with your doors and get a good feeling for what they're like to use daily.

Kitchen displays and bath displays — Quickly showcase the entire range of potential style and color options into one condensed display, built to fit whatever floorspace you have available in a particular location.

Flooring displays — Carpet and tile swatches can be presented alongside easy-to-access charts that compare the properties of each of the different flooring materials.

Ceiling displays — Lighting interacts differently with ceilings than with any other surface in a home, since very rarely if ever is there direct light directly on it. We can help you design and build ceiling displays with lighting that accounts for this.

Varnish and paint displays — Maybe you want to show swatches, or maybe you want to store paint cans, brushes and other painting accessories. These displays typically have very high traffic and bear a fair amount of weight, so we help make sure that they are designed to accommodate these factors. One year from now, you want your display to look as good as it does today!

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Major brands such as Acoustical Ceiling Products, Certain Teed, and Owens Corning have relied on Tusco Display to conceptualize, engineer, and produce fully interactive point of purchase building material displays for "big box" retailers.

Want to learn more about how we support the DIY home repair and building materials industry? Let's dig deeper into your specific projects and discuss your needs. Give us a call today.