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No, that’s no character from the mind of JK Rowling or Dr Seuss. It stands for “What you see is what you get.” Pronounce it “Whizzy-wig.”

In a 1000 US malls, thousands of smaller strip centers, and countless stand-alone stores, retailers and property developers hope that shoppers will return to both SEE and GET products from physical retail locations. Overall, retail has rebounded from the depths of the lockdown period in Apr-May but life remains precarious for many retailers.

Online shopping took a leap forward during the pandemic and Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) has gained new adherents. Companies like Kroger, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods made hay that way. But in-store remains the once and future king. As much as online creates a digital reality and has the added benefit of not requiring the time and effort to visit stores, people crave contact. We are social animals.

Shoppers remain cautious in their return to stores yet still hunger for the immersive and communal experience of shopping. It’s the thrill of the hunt for just the right piece of clothing, the freshest produce, the opportunity to walk, search, smell, see, touch, taste, and bring their purchases home. Physical shopping revives our senses dulled by distancing and masked by a sense of disconnection.

Why do so many people love to hunt or fish? It’s obviously quicker, easier, and cheaper to buy that salmon or steak or chicken breast already cleaned and ready for cooking. No, we seek the EXPERIENCE of shopping. I liken it to meeting with people via Zoom, Webex or Teams versus in-person. Online is adequate but in-person is better. We are built for community.

As many people continue to work from home, remain physically distanced, or stay tucked behind masks for their safety and the safety of others, the desire to shop won’t go away – as the data tells us even now. Instead, people will continue shopping to experience WYSIWYG.