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I’ve written recently about the acronym ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth. Popularized in 2011 by Google, it refers to the fact that shoppers often – and increasingly – research new purchases before they go online or to a store to potentially buy.

A new study builds on the idea that we welcome influence from other sources – reviews, suggestions from friends, even overheard comments from strangers. Is it because we don’t trust our own ability to decide? Whatever the reason, a study from Opinion Research was recently highlighted in a Fast Company magazine article by Martin Lindstrom.

One of the key findings: 61% of shoppers checked online reviews, blogs and other online customer feedback before buying a new product or service. Even when people know that some of these reviews aren’t accurate or objective, they value these sources. Why?

Shoppers are hungry to get the “right” value: price, product availability, effectiveness, packaging attractiveness, quantity, social satisfaction and so on. Though seeking opinions of others gets easier all of the time, the decision to buy will remain with the shopper to make and s/he will most often make it in the store, in the aisle, at the shelf. The path to purchase is important but the point of purchase is pivotal.