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We all know them. Perhaps you’re one, too. They are the Smart Shoppers: people who know retail stores inside out. Best store for double coupons? Best place to find 2% milk on sale? Nikes in narrow widths? What time is Extreme Couponing on TLC this week? Where are the pimentos? (midway down Aisle 7 on the right on the top shelf) These people – OK, they are most often women – are Shopping Savants.
Few people have the time, talent and patience to aspire to that level of shopping supremacy but we all have a Retail IQ. What’s yours?
Do you know how to best navigate a store to find what you need and want? Do you understand how a store uses discounts, coupons, weekly specials, shelf position, special displays and other techniques to prompt you to notice it, try it and come back and buy it again? Do you know when a “sale” doesn’t actually save you money?
Retail IQ has little to do with education, career or gender. Your Retail IQ has more to do with observing, learning and applying what you learn in retail environments.
Next time you visit a store, ask yourself, “How is this store moving me around, presenting product choices and shaping my purchase decisions?” The better you understand how a store (and its brand partners) unites you with their products while separating you from your money, the higher your Retail IQ.