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What's missing in your light display?

Is your light display providing the best customer experience?

Spring is just around the corner, which means spring cleaning and a fresh look for home and office spaces.

We all saw that the effects of 2020 did not slow the real estate industry. With mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, many U.S. consumers are purchasing and moving into new homes. Lighting fixtures are often an easy, cost-effective way to update a space or make a new space your own.

As consumers shop for light fixtures this spring, how can you ensure the best possible customer experience when they look at your lighting products? Can shoppers easily search and find the best fixtures for their spaces in your showroom? How will your displays help them imagine those lights in their own home?

Putting modular lighting displays in the spotlight

The first way to ensure your shoppers can find the lights they want is flexibility in your display system. Modular lighting displays gives you this flexibility, ensuring each unique lighting product or system can be shown in a way that allows your customers to visualize the fixtures in their spaces. There are many lighting display systems to achieve these results. Learn more about the following lighting display fixtures to choose the appropriate solutions for your products and consumers.

  • Wall Systems: The modular light display system is made up of easy-to-install plates connected by keyhole slots. The plates are interchangeable, which means you have the flexibility to change your display to different sizes, colors and shapes based on your inventory or the season. Hidden electrical wiring gives the lighting display a clean look so shoppers can envision your products exactly as they would be in their homes or offices. Imagine the wall of TVs in the electronics section of large retailers; you can replicate this system with light fixture products.
  • Free Standing Floor Displays: The interchangeable plates in a wall system lighting display can often be connected back-to-back to create a 360-degree freestanding floor display. This gives your customers the ability to walk completely around the lighting display to see the fixtures and their features from all angles. Free standing floor displays also add a new dimension to your showroom and can be the ideal solution if you want to specially feature certain products or a brand collection.
  • Pop-Up Showroom: Modular lighting display systems can be arranged to create a pop-up showroom experience with an infinite number of design options. Using multiple free standing floor displays, you can add columns, canopies and/or furniture to give an immersive, full room experience. Showing how your light fixtures and products work together to round out a room can turn an interested buyer into a multi-product sale.

Modular lighting displays not only enhance the customer experience, they also generally require minimal tools and labor. By investing in a lighting display system that encourages change, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to displaying future products and trends.

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