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What will happen as stores reopen?

States around the US and countries around the world are currently easing restrictions from their once shuttered state due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Global economy has taken a hit. We have seen an increase in online ordering from your general non-perishables to everyday groceries. As shoppers cautiously return to stores, retailers will need to gain their shoppers’ trust and attention to make them the preferred choice.

A new normal has been set for how consumers are shopping. From wearing a mask in the store to carrying a pack of sanitizing wipes with them, consumers are approaching in-person shopping very differently from their traditional trips to the store. When the stay at home orders begin to lift, the Nielson Company posits that consumers will continue to expect some of the changes made during this crisis to remain in place. Stores may need to determine how displays can assist in offering enhanced hygiene practices, keeping products untouched until purchase, and offering opportunities for sanitization.

Design:Retail offers an excellent look at short and long term considerations for business as they reopen, including adding automated doors, encouraging self-service options and enhancing hygiene practices. What can your brand do to prepare for the return of customers to meet their new expectations?

These new and evolving expectations may be challenging to carry through with existing product displays. Retailers will need custom display solutions. Reach out to one of our specialists today to learn how Tusco Display can help you instill trust and confidence in your buyers through a custom product display.