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I recently spoke with a long-time industry friend who does consulting for retailers. She chatted about the challenge of managing “visual load” in stores. As anyone with eyes to see can attest, walking into most stores is an assault especially on our visual senses.
Our job in display design and fixture execution is to better organize, even tame, the visual onslaught so shoppers can be put at ease, more easily make sense of what they encounter and find what they need without confusion or distrust. This is tough as every brand vies for the attention of that shopper and every store tries to sell her everything they can.
At Tusco Display, we do more than make racks. We create spaces where our clients’ products are found and can flourish. We choose colors, materials, fasteners, angles, dimensions and graphics to complement the products. We improve the in-store experience for those searching, overwhelmed shoppers. We lead clients to put their best feet forward on their most important stage: the store. We make a true difference for shoppers, brands and retailers alike.
It’s easy for people to overlook what we do in creating environments, in presenting products, in uniting consumers and products in the marketplace. It’s honorable, vital work about which every one of us can feel pride.