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Tusco Seeks Investors

Tusco Display has been at the display game for decades. The technology we employ, the people who work here, the materials we use, the clients we serve, have all changed over 70+ years.

What HASN’T changed gets at the heart of who we are. We do work that matters for people who care. Frankly, we have seen clients come and go. Companies get gobbled up by others. People move production off shore. Those that go tend to be transactional buyers, people looking to lower their perceived costs, willing to move the business when it saves them a dime. There’s nothing wrong with that time-honored approach. Pushing us to deliver the best possible value includes the lowest possible cost.

But those people don’t tend to be our people in the long run. Our best clients look at in-store merchandising through the lens of an investor. They don’t say, “How can I get the cheapest possible price?” Instead, they ask, “How can I get the best possible return on my investment.” Again, cost is a key component of that ROI calculation. We get that. That’s why we use the best methods, the smartest technology, and the most efficient approach to serving our clients. Costs matter.

When the display gets damaged or the retailer suddenly demands something get shipped at 6p on a Fri night, costs matter less. Getting the job done takes precedence. Knowing that you can count on someone at Tusco Display to go the extra mile makes all the difference. And it’s how we end up with clients who have stuck with us for ten and 20 years.