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The Ultimate Engagement Vehicle

Not long ago, awareness was king. Eyeballs were all the rage in the early days of Internet marketing. How many impressions could you make with a given ad or promotion and what was the CPM?

Today, engagement rules. Definitions vary but generally revolve around getting some connection between the prospective buyer and your product or service.

No medium creates engagement better than in-store. No other medium puts the person, product and predisposition to purchase in closer proximity. A new study by iVillage/SheSpeaks shows that women are increasingly using online resources to scope out deals, read reviews and preshop before heading to the store. Once informed, they visit stores to more effectively use their time in finding and acquiring exactly what they want.

Want to close the sale? Do a superior job when your prospective buyer is closest to your product and predisposed to buy. Knock their eyeballs out at the point-of-purchase.