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The Shopping Experience

Stores are reopening across the country and consumers are looking for the sense of normalcy that comes with it. At our local mall, stores were permitted to open at their own pace, leading to disappointed shoppers when their favorite stores were not open when they expected. One main source of contention was the opening of the Marshalls discount retailer – with a vocal group on social media speculating on the reopening date after their disappointment in the delay. On the date of reopening, eager shoppers were wrapped around the corner of the building awaiting their turn to get into the store.

But what does a shopper NEED at Marshalls? I always approach a trip to Marshalls as I HOPE I will find what I am looking for, but you cannot be sure what inventory they may be carrying on any given day. Shoppers don’t go to Marshalls because they need something, they go for the experience. They go for the adventure of finding a deal or an unexpected item. We go to the grocery store because we need bread or milk, while stores like Marshalls are made for browsers.

Most shoppers have spent the last few months shopping online or only venturing out for essential items. We are all craving that connection with the outside world, needing to touch, see, and interact with our purchases. As the nation comes out of their homes, it’s time to rethink retail displays to provide the best experience possible. Contact us to talk to one of our experts today about how we can convert your browsers into buyers.