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The Medium Is the Message

Back in 1964, Marshall McLuhan famously told the marketing community what we always knew but never fully faced: the media we employ influence how our messages are received. The tools we choose influence the message our audiences receive.
One of the most popular tools these days is “mobile marketing.” How do I get my product on your phone? Will consumers allow me to text them cool things about my products that may interest them? Do I email them electronic coupons? How do I connect? Mobile is de rigeur today.
As much time as I spend on my phone, I find such attempts often clumsy and irritating. Do you? Even products I buy, enjoy and admire feel like clutter when they’re hitting my smartphone. “Don’t call/text/email me; I’ll contact you, thank you very much.”
By contrast, when I go into a store, I expect – even demand – that I be given valid, timely information by the store staff, point-of-purchase displays, graphics and product packaging. I’m geared up to shop and to potentially buy when I cross that store threshold. I expect to connect with product messages when I’m in a store. When it comes to buying products, my message as a shopper is: the store is the right medium.