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The Last Three Feet

Have you seen one of the latest Allstate TV commercials? The spokesman asks how the viewer will look back on the Great Recovery. I like it because it recognizes that a recovery is underway and encourages us to think about putting the Great Recession behind us. Who’s ready to see better times? Say “Aye.”

Ad Age magazine talks about this and other ads (http://adage.com/article?article_id=141846#comments) today. It led me to ask a slightly different question: How will MARKETERS look back on the Great Recovery? Did they ramp up their promotion of their brands in time to speak effectively to customers when they started feeling better about their lives? Were they ready to go when the shopper returned to the store?

Many marketers and CPG companies are scrambling today to redefine their value propositions. As they do so across a range of marketing platforms, e.g., TV, print, mobile, out-of-home, they must execute superbly at-retail. If your product isn’t found interesting – or found at all – when and where the shopper visits the store, you’re out of the game. With 95% of all purchases made in a store, getting the last three feet of the marketing plan right remains essential.