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The Evolution of Shopping

Remember when “making a phone call” meant using a landline to call another landline? Today, many people don’t even have a landline and finding a payphone is almost impossible.

Shopping is going through a similar and profound transformation, too. Though 91%+ of all consumer purchases are still done in a bricks-and-mortar store, increasingly people are using new devices (e.g., smartphones) to “shop” even when they eventually go to a store to actually “buy.” Some stores are using mobile technology in their stores to bring the Internet to the aisle. Don’t find your size on the rack? Let’s find it on a virtual rack elsewhere and have it shipped to your home before you leave the store.

Back in the 1990s, some predicted that stores would soon be obsolete as our gifts, clothing, even groceries would be magically selected and delivered to our homes, closets and pantries. Such predictions persist today. Instead, I believe that we’re seeing successful stores become more and more vital, technologically-enabled and capable of delivery great VALUE in multiple ways, including: lower distribution cost; entertaining, exciting, even alluring environments; exceptional customer service; convenience; instant gratification; and unique products.

Great stores provide great value. Part of that value proposition is the displays, fixtures, graphics and layout of the store, things at which display and fixture companies excel.