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The Chase

Here in Ohio, we’re pretty excited about the Buckeyes winning the inaugural FCB National Championship. Overcoming incredible adversity and long odds – 40-to-1 back in August – this team competed as underdogs to first beat Wisconsin, then Alabama and finally Oregon to claim their title. Coach Urban Meyer called it The Chase.

In selling products and services to shoppers, we all engage in our own Chase. Succeeding in-store parallels success on the field: thoughtful preparation; clear game plan; right players with the right tools/skills in the right positions; respect for leaders, teammates, competitors and the game itself; and superb execution.

A brand or retailer might have a superb plan but fail to connect with shoppers as they begin to search for products online or through social media – the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) – or when that shopper goes to buy the product – first moment of truth (FMOT) – or as consumers actually start to use the product (second moment of truth).

Which moment of truth is most important? Sorry, they are ALL part of the Chase! A great QB without great linemen watches too much of the game through the ear hole of his helmet. An offense that scores relentlessly but doesn’t have a defense to stop their opponents won’t go too far either. Moments of truth occur again and again in the course of a football game.

Our business is focused on the First Moment of Truth but we know how all three moments interplay. Even for products readily available online, in-store may play a pivotal role in letting the consumer interact before purchase (FMOT). As every product, service, retailer and brand chases success as they define it, connecting with the shopper remains a key link in the Chase.