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People exhibit territorial behavior when they take seats in public places, limiting themselves to small areas so they don’t have to “renegotiate” seating arrangements with other people, researchers say. In one study by Marco Costa of the University of Bologna in Italy, university students showed strong attachments to specific areas of a lecture hall; on average, each student made use of just 2.4% to 2.7% of the seating area. (Source: Territorial Behavior in Public Settings)

Likewise, shoppers tend to prefer certain areas and pathways of stores they shop often. Think about it: the average grocery store has over 30,000 different items and covers over 40,000 square feet. Some malls cover over one million square feet. That could be overwhelming and anxiety-producing. Shoppers who are anxious are less likely to buy or return to buy again.

Still, stores want shoppers to consider products beyond what they usually buy and try to entice them to visit areas off their normal paths. So, it’s a balancing act between keeping the shopper comfortable and encouraging shoppers to move beyond their personal comfort zone.

Companies like Tusco Display understand these dynamics and help both brands and retailers strike a balance that meets the needs of product producer, retailer and shopper.