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According to a Motorola Solutions surveyreleased in June, 75% of US retailers believe that developing a more engaging in-store customer experience will be critical to their business in the next five years. A significant proportion of them expect to provide personalized product details, based on previous behavior, to a shopper’s smartphone. In fact, retailers believe that 42% of sales will come from online, mobile, and social commerce sites in the next five years, says the report.
Though retailers appear to understand the need to customize the in-store experience to better appeal to shoppers, a high proportion seems unable to do so. Three-quarters of retailers said they don’t know when a specific customer is in the store and 85% cannot customize a store visit. Additionally, 89% are unable to connect customers’ activities online with what they do in the store today. This is a problem – and an opportunity.
Big box stores, for instance, wring their virtual hands about showrooming and the like but in fact have tech tools increasingly available to make the shopping experience more powerful, more relevant and more successful. Here’s a link to a nifty example.
Our clients continue to make the shopping experience more effective and satisfying for shoppers, sometimes with some stunning technologies. At Tusco Display, we love the challenge of helping them accomplish this.