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Store Back

Ad Age featured an article April 14 on the renewed focus that P&G places on what happens in-store and on-shelf. Global Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard – P&G has the coolest titles, don’t they? – requires that all marketing ideas first prove that they will work on-shelf.

Why the at-retail focus? Because the point-of-purchase remains the most powerful advertising medium in the promotion of packaged goods. Really. The article cites a Nielsen study that found that “in-store marketing clearly beats TV as the leading medium creating awareness of new package goods in the U.S. and five other key developed markets.” About 50% of survey respondents cited in-store as their source of awareness of new products vs only one-third who cited TV.

Packaging plays an essential role in product success but so does display and placement. You could have the greatest product since sliced bread but if it’s not noticed in-store, it won’t be purchased in-store. Getting it right in-store is make-or-break, kids. P&G knows that. Do you act like you do, too?