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Speed Dating

The first debates of the 2020 Presidential election cycle have just been aired. For the Democratic candidates, the challenge is to get noticed – in a positive way – swiftly and memorably. A few succeeded but most largely failed.

The imperative to get instantly noticed reminds me of what we do in support of brands seeking the “vote” of shoppers’
interest and dollars in stores. As shoppers walk the aisles, they speed date with thousands of products, each straining for attention, silently shouting with labels, scents, signs, and shapes to intrigue and entice us to notice them.

Let me illustrate the speedy science of displays in a few numbers:

Eight – On average, you have .8 of a second to attract your shopper’s attention. People filter out nearly all messaging that doesn’t instantly catch their eyes.

Three – Can your shopper understand your value proposition and messaging within three seconds? If not, they move on. Don’t rely on a patient shopper to “get” you.

Four – Is your messaging placed in a direction and location to be seen within four paces? People scan as they walk and ignore most of what they see.

Five – Does your display feature messaging in five words or less? If not, you may not provide something that is instantly clear and simple for your shoppers to comprehend.

A custom display that grabs attention and doesn’t let go can be the difference between a purchase and a lost sale. Make a great first impression if you want to stay in the game.