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Sound Bites

Enjoying all the political hue and cry concerning ObamaCare this week? Ugh. It’s crunch time so both the pros and the cons are screaming at us. I even saw a small plane towing a banner yesterday exhorting voters in the 16th Congresisonal district of Ohio to contact Congressman John Boccieri to tell him to oppose ObamaCare.

Political seasons like this one remind me of those 14-second pieces of marketing called sound bites. These consciously-developed and deployed tools of the trade, e.g., “Health reform deserves an up or down vote,” take advantage of the fact that voters have short attention spans.

Shoppers have short attention spans, too. Getting it right quickly is the ballgame. At-retail marketing is the only medium that does it when and where someone is in buying mode. Beats the pants off an aerial banner.