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Shopping Behavior Changes

Do you have a favorite store for your general grocery shopping? What about when you “just need to grab a couple things?” Are they different places? Is one more convenient but more expensive? Why do you choose one retailer over another? Your personal answers will vary, but we can all admit that we rank those shops when we’re considering where we are taking our dollars.

The American Marketing Association posits that where we shop often depends on the type of trip we are making. Are you on your regular restock trip, filling in items for tonight’s dinner, or making an unplanned stop during the day? These types of trips are the most common for the general consumer, and they have changed in how they are executed and how often during the COVID-19 crisis.

People are reducing their trips, planning detailed lists and routes through the store, and choosing a store based on how many immediate needs are filled by that store. CreditDonkey shares that the average grocery shopping trip takes 41 minutes, but during the current health crisis, people are walking with purpose, standing apart when they see someone they know, and are not wandering the aisles as frequently as in the past.

I have heard from friends and family that they are not comparison shopping in stores now, making placement and display even more important. Shoppers are not taking the time to look at multiple brands of the same item, the brand that catches their eye is the one they purchase. And this isn’t likely to change any time soon. A recent report from Acosta found that just over half of shoppers surveyed expect life to return to normal in less than six months, while 29% feel it will take more than a year.

How are you setting your brand apart? When grocery store shoppers are not actively browsing, let one of our experts help you make buyers out of browsers with a custom display.