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Retailers Develop Technology in Response to COVID-19

With the continued use of social distancing recommendations across the country, stores turn to technology to track their capacity and maintain safe levels of occupancy in their stores. At one local Lowes’ Home Improvement Store, employees stationed at the entrance and exit of the store are using a smartphone app to track how many people enter and exit. Stores are reducing their access points so that multiple entrances are no longer being used by customers.

Kroger is relying on technology that it began to implement over a decade ago to cut checkout wait times and monitor customer flow. Kroger’s QueVision technology allows the company to track shopper trends and monitor the flow of shoppers through their stores. By shifting the focus of the technology to the number of shoppers in the store, Kroger limits shopper capacity to 50% of the total store occupancy, allowing more distance between those inside. Kroger is also trialing one-way aisles in some of its stores.

The smartphones in our pockets will likely play a key role in our safety as we move forward. Technology giants Apple and Google have recently announced a partnership creating a contact tracing program that would continuously monitor nearby devices and notify a user if they had been near an infected individual. The proposed technology would rely on infected individuals self-reporting to a public health app that would connect users who opt in. Users would then be notified if they cross paths with a device registered to a positive individual.

Leaning on technology to keep shoppers and staff safe during the response to COVID-19 is key to continuing to operate and maintain a company’s standing in a community. Here at Tusco Display, we’re doing our part. We have divided our operations into two teams with designated days on site. This allows us to maintain safe social distancing while relying on our existing automation capabilities and continuing to keep our team members safe.