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Retail Staffing during COVID

Store reopenings across the country continue to face new issues of keeping workers and customers safe. Some, such as Menard’s, are requiring staff and customers to wear masks and are not admitting anyone under the age of 16 to their stores. Super centers and other larger chains are facing issues with staffing as well, Vox has reported that as much as 10% of Walmart’s workforce has been out on leave at one time. Workers who are high risk or have high risk family members are having to choose between returning to work and keeping themselves or their family members safe.

Staffing issues will continue to impact organizations for weeks and months to come, as we head into the fall and traditional flu season. Retailers may need to revisit how they are staffing their stores to provide for operating at a staffing minimum - limiting exposure of staff to each other, as well as staff to customers. Stores could potentially create isolated teams that only work together, reducing cross over from one to team to another would allow the business to continue operations even if a team member were to test positive.

At Tusco Display, we have used this model to maintain operations while improving social distancing in our manufacturing facilities. Our staff of experts continues to be available to serve our client’s needs.