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Reflect, then Project

Have we ever been more eager to leave a year behind and welcome a new one? The Covid-19 pandemic made a major mess of many lives and livelihoods in 2020. With the arrival of vaccines, we look hopefully to the horizon and better days ahead. January represents a new beginning but also a leaving behind of old battles and past challenges, none of which we can any longer change.

Humans created the concept of a calendar to make sense of the seasons, to track the cycles of life, the movement of the stars, the march of time. One day passes into the next each midnight whether it’s New Year’s Eve or another 365 days we call a year.

Each turning of the calendar year brings a time to both reflect and then project. What have we been through in the year just past? What have we lost? Gained? Learned along the way? These reflections can lead to new resolve (or resolutions), insights, even wisdom. Reflection helps us avoid the repeat of errors or unhelpful patterns and help us mark improvements made.

After we reflect, we can project. Where do we go from here? How do we build on what we’ve learned, leverage newfound strengths, diminish old weaknesses, and avoid past pitfalls? What new initiatives might we commence? What should we stop doing, keep doing, or start doing?

I encourage you to take some time to intentionally reflect and project as 2020 sets and 2021 dawns. May we all feel wiser for the journey just past and prepared to move confidently into the new year before us.