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Asking great questions is both an art and a science. Done well, it leads to truth, trust and value. At Tusco Display, there’s no greater compliment from a client or supply chain partner than to have them say, “You ask the best questions!”

People often make a mistake about questions. They feel that asking them shows weakness, uncertainty and ignorance. Perhaps it goes back to our school days when raising our hands meant opening ourselves to potential ridicule by classmates or showing our teachers that we hadn’t understood something. Yes, technically, questions indicate that you don’t have all of the answers. Do you really think that others believe that you already know everything? Ask your spouse, child, parent or true friend for that answer.
We so often focus on developing great answers that we miss that it’s time spent developing the great questions that lead to great answers. Ask the right questions, get the right answers. Ask the wrong questions and…well, you know that answer.
Effective in-store marketing isn’t so much about answering every question that a shopper may have as they cruise down an aisle. More often, it’s about getting them to stop and wonder about what they see, feel, smell, hear, sense. It’s about letting THEM supply an answer to the question your product display presents. “Hey, I could use that product when I…”
Worry less about how you’ll answer questions and focus instead on asking great ones – in-store and in life. From great questions spring great answers.