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As shoppers crowd their local malls these days, basking in holiday spirit as the late Andy Williams croons “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”over the PA, some retail associates want to rip the speakers out of the walls after hearing that song dozens of times a day. For many of them, it’s the most dreadful time of the year.
And that’s a problem. Retailers’ success or failure hinge on successful holiday sales. How well they prepare, arm and treat their own employees can have a bigger impact on their corporate performance than having the best price on the hottest products.
Retail clerks work longer hours, interact with more anxious, time-pressed shoppers and face more demands with a whirling array of special offers and discounts this time of year. It’s not easy to keep a smile when you’re standing at a cash register for eight or 10 hours with a never-ending line of shoppers laden with too many packages and too little patience.
Display and fixture designers, producers and installers can’t stop some crabby shopper from jumping down a sales clerk’s throat but we can – and DO – make the shopping AND selling experience better by presenting products effectively, helping the shopper find what they want and improving the retail environment. As an industry, we make it a more wonderful time of the year for all.
And, when you’re out shopping, take a moment to be extra kind to the people ringing up your purchases. They can use some extra Christmas cheer this time of year.