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“Who owns those shelves?” Seth Godin writes one of the most widely-read and influential marketing blogs in the world. He recently hit close to home with a post on owning vs renting.
Retailers and brand marketers alike tussle over who owns a customer. If you go to Lowes to buy a Therma-Tru door, are you a Lowescustomer or are you a Therma-Trucustomer? I suggest that the answer is that you are both – and neither.
You could buy another brand of door at Lowes or you could go to Home Depot or Menardsto buy a Therma-Tru door. If neither the consumer goods company nor the retailer serves you well, you will be captured by neither. You can “fire” them at any time.
Doing a great job at the point of purchase – the only place where the customer, product and desire to buy intersect – is critical to both retailer and CPG. But it’s also crucial to the shopper looking to fulfill a need, like a new front door for their home.
Marketers may own their brands and retailers may own the shelves off of which you buy goods but the shopper owns both CPG and retailer – lock, stock and barrel. YOU own the shelves.