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Outdoor Shopping

The United States is well into the summer months and that includes spending more time outdoors for most Americans. Stores looking to rebound from the restrictions that shuttered them, in most cases, for multiple months this spring are welcoming shoppers back. With the weather, it may be time to look to the outdoors, where many experts believe that the risk of transmission for COVID-19 can be mitigated due to distance and the open air. The New York Times offers a look at how to determine risk for different activities, and being outdoors ranks lower than meeting indoors.

Retailers can learn from open air markets and other outdoor events on how to utilize the coming weather to encourage shoppers. Of course, not all displays or sectors will translate easily to an outdoor environment, but many retail industries have long utilized the well-known “sidewalk sale” to promote the opportunity to shop while outdoors. This may be the summer to further build on that idea, offering consistent times and days to shop outside.

Outdoor pop-up shops have long been a staple of summer events – where brands have connected with consumers in a new environment, and often to showcase a specific offering. As we continue to make our way through the current health crisis, inviting shoppers outdoors may inspire further consumer confidence, not just in who they are shopping with, but in their safety as well. Do you have the tools to make an outdoor transition? Contact our experts today to see how Tusco Display can set you up for success in the sun.