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Our Point of Purchase Display Survey Cards Are Valuable

Getting feedback is important. It doesn't matter if it is goods or services we all want to know how we are doing. Packed inside every custom point of purchase display we manufacture and ship from our facility is a yellow survey card. To the installer or assembler who completes it and sends it back it can become a "golden ticket" to a $500.00 prepaid gift card. Our point of purchase display survey cards are valuable, not just to us but also to those who put our finished point of purchase displays and custom store fixtures into the retail environments.


Every year at our annual holiday dinner, we draw out a single completed survey card and then send our company president out to deliver that gift card. This year we sent Mr. Reiser to Long Beach, CA to present Francisco Flores with his reward for giving us his feedback.

Mr. Flores assembled a Tones Dec-A-Cake unit last November in a California chain and returned our satisfaction survey card. He has worked for Advantage Sales & Marketing for three years covering Southern California.

Congratulations Fransisco! Our thanks to you and all of those who filled out and returned the survey cards!