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Our Own Worst Enemy

A recent study cited by Retail TouchPoints found 71% of shoppers believe in-store employees aren’t helpful. Stores are living down to shopper expectations when they fail to hire, train and manage staff effectively.

See for yourself. Visit a favorite store. How engaged, knowledgeable and truly helpful is the staff? Are they attentive without being pushy? Do they genuinely and creatively engage or simply say, “Can I help you?” which generates an equally automated response, “Just looking” and everyone pretends some customer service just happened.

Stores are more than physical places to showcase products. At their best, they are intriguing locations for shoppers to enjoy exploring, for staff to truly assist, for browsers to see curated products. Clerks who merely process payment and bag product are close to worthless.

Great stores understand that shopping involves a series of processes – and processing payment is generally the LEAST important one. Best-in-class retailers invest in hiring, training and managing true pros to carry out those processes. Great staffs are retailers’ greatest weapon in the battle for the buyers.