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Our COVID Approach

At Tusco Display, we have focused our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic on maintaining operations while keeping our teams safe. At the onset of state government concerns for the outbreaks, we took the time to have our facilities deep cleaned to protect our staff. Tusco then implemented a staffing strategy that allowed for only half of our team to be on site at a time and moved our office staff to remotely working from home. By moving to a split schedule, we were able to increase our distancing and allow for fewer individuals to be impacted if we were to have a positive case.

In addition to physically distancing our staff members, we are also requiring the use of masks or face shields, including the CapN Shield which fit directly over a baseball style cap. Although staff still must wear safety glasses with the CapN Shield, it does allow for visibility of facial expressions and a no fog option for our team.

We are still running a two-team model, over five months later. Although our strict separation between the two teams has decreased, we are still observing extensive hygiene and cleaning practices, as well as taking associate temperatures at the start of each shift. We are here to serve our clients and community, while continuing to keep our associates safe. Contact us today to work with our expert project leaders, designers, engineers, and planners to complete your project and turn browsers into buyers.