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One hundred years ago, American society started to go mobile as automobiles entered mass production (200,000 units in 1911), roads got paved, and traffic lights were deployed. Fifty years later, the interstate highway system accelerated our mobility and changed the way we perceive and interact with the world.

Today, a new form of mobility dominates. Worldwide, there are 5.1 billion cellphones for 6.8 billion people. There are more cellphones than TVs – or toothbrushes. These and more stats can be found here.

This new mobility impacts at-retail marketing. Quick-response (QR) codes, augmented reality (AR), mobile coupons – redeemed at 10X the rate of traditional coupons – and mobile search increasingly drive in-store behavior. And when people search online while shopping, 70% of those searches result in action within one hour.

Just as cars changed our culture and our buying habits (e.g., Holiday Inn, McDonalds, suburban malls), so too smartphones are changing how we perceive and interact with the world. Understanding and responding to these changes in-store is driving a great deal of marketing creativity today. How are these things impacting product merchandising? Look for those impacts all around you.