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Old Medium or New?

Question: Is p-o-p an old medium or a new medium? Answer: Yes.

It’s an old medium like TV, radio and sandwich boards because people have shopped in and been influenced by retail environments for more than a century. People buy a preponderance of consumer products in stores. Think about your own purchases of everything from gum to gasoline to groceries. You spend more than 90% of your consumer dollars in stores.

It’s also a new medium because p-o-p advertising keeps morphing to encompass video displays, interactive components, motion, sophisticated lighting and a plethora of materils. Sixty years ago, Tusco got started in the business by making steel signs that we painted and screenprinted. Today, you have more sign substrate options than Carter has little liver pills (ask your grandparents).

An established, trusted and truly effective advertising medium does not remain static but, rather, encompasses new methods, modes and materials to stay fresh to reach today’s audiences where they live: in-store, in-aisle and in the buying mood.