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I haven’t slept well in weeks. Colder weather and unfriendly natives have dampened my spirits. Is it really worth it? Ever since I decided to camp out in the aisle of (name your least favorite store here), I’ve teetered between feelings of accomplishment and despair. We’ve been hassled by store security but, hey, this store is open 24-hours and I know my rights! Can we make these people listen? Don’t they know who we represent?

We are the 70%! Study after study confirm that, on average, shoppers make decisions on exactly what they will buy while in the aisle and at the shelf. We are the decisions made on what deodorant to buy, what brand and size ketchup bottle we purchase, what flavors of juice boxes we pack in our children’s lunchboxes, what style and package size of toilet paper we take home.

Marketers would rather we weren’t so loud. Why can’t we go home, let TV ads and radio spots and newspaper inserts and internet pop up ads work their magic? They’d rather we were invisible because we’re hard to track, difficult to define. Many of them just don’t know what to do with us.

But some people listen. Some people know where to put their marketing dollars. It’s right here. On-shelf, near-shelf, end of aisle, in the aisle. We are aisle violators and we won’t be denied.