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Nobody's Perfect

At Tusco, we strive for excellence through continuous improvement in everything we do, including how we understand and meet expectations of our clients. It’s baked into our ISO9001:2015 with Design quality management system.

But, boy, we can also screw things up. We once produced a spinner for a client selling wallpaper borders. The design and prototype worked flawlessly. At the last minute, the client asked, “Can you add another half-inch to every hook so we can squeeze one more product on them?” Eager to please, we did just that but didn’t test the revised design. What happened next? Units made it into the field but, when the unit was spun, the weight on each hook caused the product to cascade off like droplets from a lawn sprinkler. Ouch. We replaced every hook on every unit.

Any time an error arises, we first take care of any immediate problem for our client. Part damaged in shipment? Overnight a replacement. Someone having trouble assembling something? Do a video call to determine how to get the installer out of their jam. Only then do we dig into the issue to find what went awry. We don’t waste energy or time seeking to avoid responsibility. Instead, we employ our quality tools to get to the root cause.

Sometimes we didn’t cause the problem but we might have been able to prevent it. We use every problem as an opportunity to learn, improve, and teach. By doing so, even in our mistakes, we grow stronger, smarter, and better able to serve our clients.