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New Tech at the POP


Between meetings in NYC last week, I visited some cutting-edge retail stores. I was struck by several things. First, beautiful, inviting retail environments still matter. Shoppers want to be wooed. Second, like manufacturing, technology is imbedded everywhere. Adweek, in fact, highlighted some in-store innovations in their most recent issue.

Closer to home, a friend posted on Facebook last week that he was dining with his father at their favorite spot: Bob Evans in Dover. Another friend commented on the post that Bob Evans offers BOGO (buy one get one) coupons for breakfast on their website. Sure enough, our friend checked on his smartphone, presented the electronic coupon at the cash register and got his breakfast for free.

The use of in-store technology continues to grow as marketers find ways to economically reach you, effectively impact your behavior and boost their sales. When battery technology makes a leap forward in both lower cost and longer life in the next decade, expect to see even more of it.

I have heard people say that the future of retail is online. I beg to differ – and the data agree with me. Though some argue that it’s “Google to find, Amazon to buy, eBay to sell,” this model only works for some products, some shoppers and some times. In most instances, shoppers still want to shop and companies like Tusco Display will be there to help them benefit from the experience.