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Mobile Mania

Have you noticed? Retailers everywhere are rolling out mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms to make using their stores easier to shop, coupons easier to use, and advice easier to acquire.

They know that we’ll only see more and better applications for smartphones with each passing week. Better to get on board, learn as you go and be seen as a store that’s deploying the latest and best tools for shoppers. Here’s an excellent article that shares relevant data on the trend from the August 4, 2011 Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.

Retailers are driven to adapt by competition and shoppers. As either or both employ newer tools like smartphone apps, they will respond. And the shopping experience will continue to evolve and improve as online and in-store complement one another.


A Facebook friend posted the accompanying photo of a bug display – yep, real (though dead) bugs – that he saw in a grocery store. Though not pictured, in addition to the aforementioned bugs, the display also sells bug books.