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Manufacturing Quality

As most of you know, Tusco just passed our ISO9001:2015 with Design Stage I audit. We have invested a great deal of effort in upgrading our quality management system, so we can confidently deliver products on-time, on-spec and on-budget for our clients. A successful Stage II audit later this year will allow us to join an elite group of display producers with such a designation.

Friday, Oct 5th is MFG Day, established to celebrate and promote manufacturing careers, especially among the next generation. The United States remains the highest producer of gross domestic product per person in the world – by a wide margin. Taken alone, US manufacturing would be the ninth-largest economy in the world. Tusco is proud to contribute to that success. According to the US Census Bureau, 3.5 million new manufacturing jobs will arise here over the next decade. Who will fill those vital jobs?

Some predict the Age of Robots will lead to the elimination of manufacturing jobs. We think not. Instead, manufacturing will use technology to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the humans doing the work. Technology makes great tools but won’t soon overtake the creativity, determination and flexibility that humans possess.

Systems like Lean principles and ISO procedures help Tusco control our risks and exploit opportunities that others don’t see. Our Quality Policy remains central to who we are and how we work: Tusco commits to continuously improve how we understand and meet expectations for our associates, clients, communities, government & regulatory agencies, shareholders and vendors.

Manufacturers that continuously improve have the opportunity to provide great jobs and remain in business. Those that don’t? We won’t be one of them.