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Made in America

At Tusco Display, we’re proud to design, engineer and produce world-class point-of-purchase displays and custom store fixtures. Making stuff is what we do.

And we’re not alone. As the National Association of Manufacturers proclaims, the United States remains the world’s largest manufacturing economy, producing 21 percent of the global manufactured goods. According to the US Census population clock, there are approximately 309 million Americans among a world population of 6.812 billion people. In other words, we’re 4.5% of the population producing 21% of everything. Even after the battering recession, nearly 12 million Americans work directly in manufacturing – about ten percent of the overall workforce.

Making stuff in China or Mexico or Vietnam has its place, too. But when it comes to nimble production of high-value products, minimizing transportation costs (time, money and carbon) and keeping inventory costs low, its tough to beat manufacturers in your backyard.

We’re going to keep efficiently, reliably and intelligently manufacturing here in bucolic Gnadenhutten. Making stuff is what we do – well.