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The Pro Football HOF game ushers in the return of football season this weekend. OSU head coach Urban Meyer looks forward to the new season and the chance to vie for a national championship, too. From Maine to Hawaii and Florida to Alaska, high school kids are gearing up for the fall campaign.

Meyer believes that, though talent, coaching, training and tactics matter, the key to success is leadership. That’s why he teaches a class on the subject for a select group of his Buckeyes. Part of the class centers on this simple equation: E (event) + R (response) = O (outcome).
“You can’t control the event,” Meyer explains in the Columbus Dispatch. “You can’t control the outcome. But what you can control as the leader is your response. Your response as a leader is the other people’s ‘E’.”
We each have an opportunity to lead in our work, in our relationships and in our hobbies. When we live and act purposefully, not impulsively, we set an example for others, create a culture of accountability and improve our chances of building a consistent winner.