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Keeping Up With The Growing Cosmetic Industry

The beauty industry is topping $511B in 2021. There is a demand for quick access to these products, which means purchasing in store is the leader in buying cosmetic goods. Although e-commerce has grown significantly, drug stores and pharmacies continue to be the top sellers of cosmetic products. This means you should also be taking security measures to protect your products while they are on the floor. Instead of making your display like all the rest, create one that’s part of your company’s ambience and elevates the customer experience.

Using Mixed Material Displays

Using different materials such as wood, plastic or stone to display health and beauty products can attract the eye of a customer. More importantly, you want to use materials that appeal to your brand's message. Materials that both catch the eye, tell the customer more about what you are selling, and highlight your dedication to sustainable products can drive home more sales. And because beauty products tend to come in smaller packaging, you can soften the appearance of the display so the product is the focal point.

For example, if your company values producing zero-waste products, you’ll incorporate less plastic and more sustainable products like recycled wood, or bamboo into your display for a natural element. And as far as metals in cosmetic displays go, steel is both highly versatile and recyclable too – steel is the most recycled material in the world.

Different Styles for Different Products

The correct display layout for your cosmetic product makes a difference. It should marry the display style to your brand, whether that means a countertop, end cap or gondola. Tusco helps you assess different sizes and materials that accommodate your product, knowing that the most reachable and engaging displays are the ones that receive the most attention. For instance, an end-cap display is made for quick access, allowing customers to easily grab products and increasing the engagement from shoppers. As we know, the display you place in a drugstore or pharmacy may be different than one in a mass merchandizer or a department store.

Security Products Keep Your Cosmetics Safe

Shoplifting is a concern for any brand and retailer. However, when you’re selling smaller and more easily accessible products, like cosmetics, it’s even more important to safeguard your products from theft. Protecting your stock on the store floor while still displaying it in an attractive way is important, and sometimes security tagging is not enough.

Well-designed security cases match your brand’s aesthetic and allow clear view of products without the barrier of unsightly locks, chains or security wires. This allows you to keep product prominently and attractively displayed on counters without incurring additional risk. For example, pry proof and shatterproof doors give you a secure home to store and display your goods. Because cosmetics are easily reachable to anyone in a store, this extra protection is key. At Tusco, we have options for protective displays that still express the character and values of your business.

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