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Innovative Partnerships Drive Retail Traffic

Retail foot traffic took a hit in 2020. Faced with lockdowns and business closures, retailers saw their in store sales decrease while e-commerce and omnichannel offerings buoyed their performances. Some retailers took risks in announcing innovative partnerships that created demand and new experiences within their stores. Kohl's has been a leader in creating these partnerships in multiple, mutually beneficial ways. From their early work with Amazon to accept returns in store and then offer an instore shopping discount, to their recently implemented Sephora branded shops within their locations, Kohl's is leading the way in changing the game for the instore world.

Driving Foot Traffic

Small scale department stores, such as Kohl's and T.J. Maxx, have dominated the field as larger companie have exited the landscape. Kohl's recently announced earnings report shows the strength of these types of stores, as well as the payoff for Kohl's gamble on introducing small store within a store concepts and more specialized offerings across the board. Offering something out of the ordinary, like the specialized Sephora stores, lends itself to bring foot traffic back to stores.

When you're on the hunt for something specific, how often do you stop because something else catches your eye? That's part of the goal with these separate and specialized offerings within larger stores. Dollar General is even joining the shift with their branded Popsugar shop sections within their larger stores. Both DG and Kohl's are courting a specific target audience with these additional offerings, and so far, the gamble is paying off.

Leading the Way

While Kohl's is currently capitalizing on this trend, they certainly weren't the first to tackle this concept. Target has long been seen as the leader in store-in-a-store concepts, and they are now looking to expand their partnership with Apple. Target has grown its reputation as a electronics destination through investing in revamping and updating the electronics area. By setting the area apart through branding and specialized fixtures, Target is not only driving sales and foot traffic but asserting the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Creating Brand Authority

Branded displays can convey the same authority and expertise without giving up the square footage needed to house a store within a store. Even in these small concepts, they create the feeling that the bigger box store IS the expert on the product. Talk with one of our experts today about investing in branded store fixtures to create industry authority wherever your products are sold.