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The Point of Purchase Advertising International trade association has conducted some major new research in at-retail shopping behavior. In spite of the advent of on-line shopping, smart phones and loyalty programs, one surprising fact emerges: people still make the majority of their purchase decisions in the store.
POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study hired a respected research firm, supported by major retailers and global brands, to determine how American shoppers actually grocery shop. Using sophisticated technology and in-depth analysis, the study finds that “today’s in-store decision rate has reached an all-time high of 76%.”
Does this suggest that we don’t know what we plan to buy when we go shopping? Of course not. Instead, it documents that most of us make many decisions while in the store. Perhaps we switch package size or brand, perhaps we generally plan to buy something but specifically decide when we’re in the aisle. Whatever the case, what happens in-store matters.
The message for marketers and retailers alike? If you don’t put your brand on ‘display,’ you’re less likely to put your brand in the shopper’s basket. It’s the “point of purchase” for a reason – and we have proof.