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In-store Cacophony

I recently visited Las Vegas on business. It struck me that the town mirrors the at-retail marketing universe.

The hotels and casinos epitomize the cacophonous nature of in-store marketing. We both make noise. Just as surely as ringing bells, clicking wheels, flashing lights and pulsing music wash over a visitor walking across a casino lobby, our industry vies for attention, bombarding a visitor to a store, seeking to draw a gaze, to interrupt a determined pace across a store floor.

There are clear winners and losers in our respective games, too. Get noticed, get purchased and you win in-store. Put your money in the right place at the right time and go home a bit richer from the casino. Put your money in the wrong slot, bet on the wrong horse and you lose in either venue.

The biggest difference between Vegas and in-store marketing? Smart in-store marketing is a sure bet while gaming is just, well, gambling.