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How are you snacking?

Do you choose your snacks based on what you already like or on what jumps out at you in the store? Progressive Grocer recently shared that two thirds of American adults are snacking more at home. Snack food's accessibility and affordability puts it at the top of the list for busy adults who are managing different roles during the COVID pandemic.

With some much of the workforce still working remotely, it's no surprise that more snacking is happening at home. It's easy to pick up some extra items for the long work day when you make your regular grocery pilgrimage - and you don't even have to remember to take the snacks to the office!

Converting these increased snackers into buyers must happen in a split second. It's easy for a shopper to stick with what is tried and true, the snacks that have been a part of their palate for years. Convert these snack browsers into buyers with a custom display - adults are hungry for more snack options, you just need to catch their attention.